My two cents: Is it to late to save the sunken ship?

I have been reading many articles on the inevitable fall of the microwiki community, and i wish to add my piece to the ever growing list of 2 cents and opinions, I think the community is in a state of disrepair and decay, we have passed the point of no return, although there is one solution to the decay, I shall outline them below:

1) Ban all non-micronational related things from microgroup

2) Cease the silliness (memes, arguments and pettiness) of microgroup and have it as a serious page where we can discuss micronational affairs and progress.

3) remove the members who are non-serious and take the mick out of the community, this includes people such as: Trace Fleeman and other members of the micropedia sphere who are giving micronationalism a bad name. it may sound harsh but that’s the only way we will get back on track.

Also i propose to work with some serious members of micropedia and teach the non-serious ones how to behave and be statesmanlike and not against it, this just causes grief for both sides, the growing conflict between Microwiki and Micropedia reminiscences with the cold war, if one person was to criticize the other, it all goes out of proportion and involves other people taking sides, this is unacceptable in diplomacy and shows unprofessional-ism.

I also propose a co-operation council to be created to work with and find common ground with our micropedia counterparts to allow both community to prosper together.

I also disagree with the ”Influence Survey” that takes place as it only allows the most influential members to gloat about it and be big headed, which in turn creates arguments on who is the most influential, instead of this we must work together to allow inter-state equality (no influence in the community)

Also we must stop the whole elitism thing, after all we are all we share the same hobbies and goals, i find it childish that there is a micronational ”elite” and it should be stopped at once.


One comment

  1. Burnham Micronational

    Crucial points:
    It is not Micropedia we have the rivalry with, but the Microwikia.
    Also, there is no such thing as a Micronational ‘elite’. It is a theory purported by newer Micronationalists to put down older Micronations. While it is true that an ‘old guard’ of micronations exist, they really do nothing much different from more newer, mature nations.

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