A new era for Zen Corporation

People of Bysalia, the time has come to announce our ultimate goal has been fullfilled. Zen Corporation are now the government of Bysalia. The senate has been replaced by the Board of Directors and a CEO appointed. Gone are the days of ”Democracy” and ”Communist Thought”. Capitalism has prevailed. Zen Corporation will cater for your every need – Education, Media, Military, Research, Foreign Diplomacy and Recruitment for new citizens for the new order. The name will be changed to remove the ”Federal” out of Bysalia. The new name for the nation is simply: Republic of Bysalia.

This new order may come as a surprise to all but it is for the betterment of Bysalia, we will continue to work under the old government mandate and we pledge not to use our new power for our own gain, our utmost priority is to keep the citizenry of this nation happy and free. A board of directors meeting will take place tomorrow to discuss further action for our government.

This change has been a long time in the planning, and now it is here. Embrace the change for the better.

Sirroco has 1950s, Zealandia has Sweden, Juclandia has Plushys. We have Corporate Government.

This message brought to you by Zen Corporation Public Relations.


A better life for a brighter future.


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